Ukulele Projects

Not every instrument that comes to Ukulele Corner is in perfect playable condition. Some need a little bit of work before they are ready to take their place in the Corner proper; some need a lot of work! Some even come only to selflessly donate their parts so that other instruments can rise again. Here is a place for all of them while they wait for their chance to model

Here are all the XXXX at Ukulele Corner

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TV Pal
Mastro TV Pal

Jolli Joe the UK Uke with no resonator
Jolli Joe

pre war 30s english soprano ukulele

BC Rich Warbeast

Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez

mainland koa
Mainland made Koa

bar frets
Euro made
Rima german 6 bracket banjo
Manhattan Band Instrument Co Winner
MBICo Winner
MFC Firefly
MFC Firefly
brightly coloured
European Blue

Kay KeyKord

1920s european soprano ukulele corner
European made

European Open Backed Banjolin
Euro Banjolin

mainland mahogany
US Mahogany

Aloha Mfg Co
Aloha Mfg Co.

kumalae type a
Kumalae style A

the mele
B&J The Mele

Genuine Koa
"Genuine Koawood"
Hess Ukulele with Juka autoplayer
Ernst Hess Juka
ss stewart
SS Stewart
BC Rich Warbeast
Kumalae type B
BC Rich Warbeast
Kumalae B
Globe Tru-Fret