Bandola de Venezuelao

My Cutaway Bandola

Bandola de Venezuelao
Bass side
Bandola de Venezuelao
Bandola de Venezuelao
Treble side
It has nylon strings and is tuned E~A~D~G

Bandola de Venezuelao

caracas made cuatro venezuelo at Ukulele Corner

The Cuatro that never came

Bandola Llanera

I started out, once again to invite an authentic Cuatro Venezuelo all the way from Caracas.
I did try to get one a while ago but it never arrived; if it was ever shipped? Well I've decided to try again and this time for one with a cutaway; I've never seen one with a cutaway before. I think this one is fairly mass produced as the seller said he had 3. (and I did see what appeared to be someone else? selling something that looked identical) I'm sure the factory that made in is in Caracas, Venezuela though and I will find out more when it gets here.
Well it's still not here!! But being the sucker that I am I have now also invited a real Bandola de Venezuela coming from Carcass too! When I did this I thought I was going through a different Venezuelan distributor, (clearly they were made by the same firm), but it turns out it's the same one just using different names, (which is never a good sign). The only plus at the moment if the Bandola is being shipped through DHL whereas the Cuatro was shipped through Fedex so maybe it will turn up?

Well the Cuatro finally arrived after a two month wait, but thanks to Fedex careful handling the bass side and half the bottom have been completely smashed in taking a lump off the soundboard too! I have taken the carcass to the Ukulele doctor but he doesn't think it is repairable - a pity because I can see that it was well made and would have been a nice instrument if it hadn't been smashed.
And Fedex have the gall to send me an invoice for importing it including an admin fee  - well they can take a fat run

The state of play now though is the chap that sold it to me agrees that it wasn't packed sturdily enough, (but that doesn't let Fedex off from their vandalism) and says he will send me another once the Bandola arrives

finally the Bandola is here, but Fedex haven't covered themselves in glory again! Whilst it is nowhere near as destroyed as the Cuatro there are a number of bumps on it; and maybe a small crack in the back? The instrument itself is definitely different, not just the odd, (but very lovely), pear shape but it is a very bassy due to the odd E~A~D~G tuning I am using (well I say odd but its the same tuning as a Bass Guitar?) It makes for odd chording too as its the other two strings of a guitar thats missing, so I know the shapes but keep looking for the B and e strings

There was never any signs of a replacement Cuatro though