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Tuned ???

With 14 strings in 6 courses, (the 2 highest courses are tripled), I am not completely sure? The only commercial string set I have found is a La Bella set but this is for a 16 string version In this instance the strings are steel but In Wikipedia it is suggested they are Nylon? The tuning I have seen suggested is F#3~F#3~B3~B3~E4~E4~A4~A4~D5~D5~D5~G5~G5~G5 so in fourths similar to a guitar (but without the B compromise). Now I may try for this but in terms of simplicity both of playing, and of obtaining strings, I may go to tuning it like an Octave Guitar, though with the triple courses I may try a reentrant middle string and see how that sounds?

Jeremias Padilla Bandola de Colombia

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