APC 105 Cavaquinho (with the English tuners)

My Cavaquinho with fancy tuners

It has steel strings and is tuned D~G~B~E



Antonio Carvalho 105

This was a "buy it now or best offer" from ebay, and is an APC 101L(?) ray mouthed Cavaquinho with "English" tuners. I've always fancied getting something with them because I think they look so different and I was vaguely thinking a Fado Guitar or something because I already have a number of Cavaquinhos, but when I saw this one, and the buy it now wasn't ridiculous I thought it worth an offer. My first offer was rejected, but countered so after a couple of iterations of offer and counter offer, we agreed a price,

It's here now and I'm loving it! Yes the intonation is a bit suspect, especially on the G string, but you've got to love that headstock and I find the "English" tuners are better and easier than friction tuners. I will have to look out for specialist strings that are loop end on both ends though as I don't think single loop end strings will work very well. I am doing the cavaquinho "solo" tuning on it so D~G~B~E, (rather than the D it should be for proper Cavaquinho tuning). I am also a little perplexed by the model number? I thought when looking at the APC catalogue online this was a 101L though there wasn't one listed, the ray mouth and the unstained soundboard are the same as the 101, and on some of the other models shown, when the have "English" tuners rather than geared ones the model number gets an L suffix. Now it's here I can see on the sound hole label that it's a 105 model; no L, and it also doesn't appear in the current catalogue?