My Perlgold
To be Restored

x Bass x Back x Treble
Tuned g~C~E~A
east german short scale acoustic bass

Before it was restored
when it was an acoustic Bass

Perlgold Mandocello

I wasn't quite sure what I had invited this time? It was listed in the auction as a "German Lute Guitar", but I know its not one of those. German, yes: it is a Perlgold, which was the main post WWII branding of the German manufacturer Vogtlandsperle, but it has 4 strings not the 6 it would have if it was a Lute Guitar. I don't know the dimensions, but from the auctioneer saying Lute Guitar I assume that is bigger than standard Mandolin size. From the pictures I can see it has a flat back too, (which you don't get on Lutes or Lute Guitars) so my guess when I was bidding on it's a Mandola or a Mandocello, but with single string courses, (Mandola tuning and single strings doesn't that make it a Tenor Guitar? Possibly I suppose). Another option maybe is a Dorma, but they aren't usually flat backed and during the cold war I don't see much of a market?

Whatever it is, I decided to put in a very, very small opening bid, and come the day of the auction I forgot it! (well I remembered first thing in the morning but it was lot 735 and as they were starting from lot 1. I figured it wouldn't go through until 5pm ish. I didn't remember at 5 though and when I remembered at 6:30 it had already gone through). Despite forgetting it though my initial bid was accepted; and unopposed - so I had won it! And for a lot less than it is going to cost to post!! And once it arrives I will be able to get some answers about it. Not least is "what is it?"

It's here now and I know what it is now. It's a Project!
What it was originally, is an 8 string Mandocello, however over the years it has lost it's tailpiece and 4 of the tuners, and is now strung as a short scale acoustic Bass. Now I would rather it was a Mandocello and in order to achieve this I will have to replace the 4 missing tuners, (or possibly all 8 for the look of the thing?) Take off the piece of sheet metal that is currently there as an anchor for the strings and put a proper 8 string tailpiece on. Possibly replace the nut, (I'll know more once I have taken the string off and can see what is underneath). Possibly a new bridge? the one that is there is the original with an 8 string saddle so It might be OK, I will see once I take the strings off. Remove the horrible paint on the lower bout. Investigate what looks like some cracks under the paint, near the bridge and work out what is going on under the pickguard thing below the sound hole. Then of course give it a good clean and restring it with proper Mandocello strings so I can have a go at playing it. So not much then, barely a project at all.