Fender 2014 re-issue Mando-Strat electric Mandolin

My 2014 Mando-Strat

fender sunburst mandocaster at Ukulele Corner
sunburst Fender mandostrat
indonesian electric mandolin at Ukulele Corner
It has steel strings and is tuned A~D~F#~B

indonesian electric mandolin at Ukulele Corner

1956 blond fender electric mandolin at Lardy's Ukulele Database

1956 blond Original

Fender re-issue Mando-Strat

I was originally going to get a Dean ML Black Satin - it was coming from Germany, (because none were being shipped to England), and out of stock at the time, but due back in stock a couple of weeks later - I didn't want it to be like the Ibanez Iceman so I could wait...
Well after 6 months of waiting I finally gave up and changed my order, (then the Dean came up on eBay so I got one anyway from the US). I had already paid as it was part of a larger order and with the Euro weakening against the Pound quite a bit in the intervening period I would have lost a fair amount if I had just asked for my money back so I decided to change the order. What I went for was Fenders re-issue of its famous 1950's Electric Mandolin, now branded the Mando-Strat, (because although everyone called the original a Mandocaster, Fender never officially did - it was just the Fender Electric Mandolin - and in the intervening years a number of people had put out electric Mandolins they had officially called the Mandocaster). I really wanted one of the original 1950's versions, (and still do), but they run well into 4 figures for a good one so it looked very unlikely in reality that I would ever get one, and this re issue when it first came out wasn't cheap so I decided to wait before getting one in case I could get an original; or until I could get a re-issue at a much lower price, (probably 2nd hand), I did keep a vague eye on them though, in case they were discontinued again, (in which case I would have to buy one quick!) Well they haven't been discontinued yet but the price has dropped considerably, so when I looked for a substitute there it was. (Truth to tell I wasn't particularly looking for a substitute but when I saw this new price, less than half the original price, I then decided to change the order) I shall mess about with the strings and tune it like a Ukulele as I do with all my Mandolins and I will still dream about getting a Blond '56 one, (the reissue only comes as sunburst) I will even still say I would like one of the ones on sale in Japan that were actually built as Ukuleles, (but these are very very expensive even without shipping and import tax; however they do come in other finished too so I would get a blue one of those - and I had all three, then I would tuned the Mando-Strat as a Mandolin)

Now its here and its a real real Fender - the bolt on neck and the headstock shape make it seem much more like a real Fender than my Fender Ukulele though they are both real Fenders(? so I'm not sure I'm conveying what I mean well here - anyway) The steel strings hurt my fingers but I have persevered with it and learned to play Sweet Home Alabama on the Mandolin so far, though I'm still not sure whether to leave it tuned G~D~A~E (Mandolin) or go A~D~F#~B (Ukulele low A - but I probably should change the B string if I do...
Nah its nowhere near as cheesegratery when its a little slack and I'm a lot happier playing it like this plus I don't have any of my other Ukuleles tuned to low A...
One day I will get a Mandolin and leave it tuned like a Mandolin)