gremlin hora Blue Moon BM05 Mandola at Ukulele Corner

My BM05 Mandola

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Blue Moon BM05 Mandola

This was one of the lots in an instrument auction that I could join through the Internet, 26 Guitars plus some amps, (now I really need a Bass combo; the Fender doesn't like it at all when I put a bass through it), and other chordophones; and a good drum kit, (yes I looked at coming out of retirement!!!)
After the auction had finished, the drum kit, (so I'm still retired), all the amps and most of the Guitars and turned down my invitation to Ukulele Corner incorporating the Pony Guitar Sanctuary. Most, but not all! What is coming is a Gremlin Blue Moon BM05 Mandola with a solid spruce top, (possibly made by Hora and definitely discontinued), and a semi-hollow Tanglewood TomKat TE6JH from about 2000, (also now discontinued)

When they arrived I found the Mandola is Chinese made and not from Hora so I don't know if its solid top or laminate? It doesn't really matter though, it sounds good and the extra size makes it a lot easier for me to play than the Mandolins with their tiny narrow fretboards. I think this will be the one that I learn to play the Mandolin on.

It also came with a good gig bag that will take any of my Banjoleles, (except the Gold Tone BUB), if I need it to; which is handy as its a lot better to carry than the big old cases some of them came in.