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My "darkburst" Kramer

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Kramer Assault 220

It's been one of those day's where there was a BIG (300+) Guitar auction - and in a mess of calendar clashes a second slightly smaller, but still substantial (50+) Guitar auction Now the BIG one was in Bath again, the same place as I got the Harmony Pennant and the Vietnamese Mandolin from so I knew it was a bit of a hike to collect stuff from but my thinking was "at the last one there was no real interest in the non-guitar instruments; and with that many Guitars, and the amount of quality Guitars on offer that some of the cheaper, less desirable, (apart from to me), Guitars would go at bargain prices". After all with 9 Epiphone Les Pauls you would think there was enough for everyone as an example. Therefore it wouldn't be so much of a hike if I was collecting a number of nice instruments. So I went through the process of looking through the catalogue and putting a low auto bid in on the ones I was interested in. a tactic for getting a low start but a small risk of ending up with 3 or 4 Epi Les Pauls.

Then there was another one, but this time in Glasgow(!) however on this one they had a quote for shipping next to each lot (and a promise of discounts if I was shipping more than one lot) Now the shipping price was quite high but like buying from the US on eBay, as you know it you can factor it in and keep the bids low - so a plan? and there was a few here I would like too.

The Glasgow auction started first so I started there and I got excited early on. Up for grabs was a Legacy acoustic Bass (with hard case) - now I had missed this when putting in my auto bids and I know Legacy guitars are not generally very expensive, but I don't have a full size acoustic Bass and when it started very low I thought I'd have a punt, outbid the first bidder and no one came back so I won! Now I was committed, I'd brought something and was going to have to arrange shipping or go to Glasgow. Shipping obviously, but the Legacy Bass wasn't that much of a bargain after fees and shipping so buy more and put the price per guitar down - a new plan? Quite a few Guitars were too expensive - though I'm now not sure the Gibson Les Paul Junior for £240 plus shipping was still not a good deal? - but at the time I did, sadly stopped. Then happily, because it was one of my favorites in the auction, got the cherry Epiphone Dot 335 hollow body. There there was the job lot of the Hagstrom D2f semi-hollow which from the photo is unstrung and may be missing the tailpiece, (it doesn't mention the missing tailpiece in the description though) however it has a "silver sparkle" finish and how could I resist that?? Plus a mystery "Kramer electric Guitar in dark burst"?? There was no photo of this and no further clues as to what it might be; I've checked Kramer's website and they don't use the term "dark burst" so all I can do is look at burst finishes that might be described that way. I'm sure it won't be one of the old ones with the aluminium necks and I fear it will be one of the "strat" copy Pacer models (still as Gibson now own Kramer this would mean I get my Gibson Stratocaster again), but I hope it will be the Les Paulish Assault. Back to the Bath auction and everything went through at way to high a price; even the Keech Banjulele, even the Epiphone Les Pauls, (every one of them went for more that the Epi LP in Glasgow went for and I thought that was too expensive), even the Mandolins... Apart from the second to last one, the Crafter M70e with the bubinga top and the Crafter gigbag. Now I like the bubinga top, I think it looks very pretty, (thats why I bid in the first place), but having lost everything else I was kind of hoping I would get nothing and save myself the trip; but my auto bid was unchallenged. Now had I won this much earlier in the auction I might have tried harder for some of the other lots but all that was left after this was an A style Mandolin that I didn't really want to go for

I will be happy to own them all once they are here but I will have to see how much I have to do to get them here, (and Glasgow is a very long drive).

OK so its organised - a bit. The guitars are being delivered from Glasgow but I will still have to drive to Bath for the Mandolin They're Here!

Well the Mandolin anyway, after a looooong drive to Bath (Bloody glad I don't have to drive to Glasgow) And it does have a lovely soundboard; and a lovely tone. Like I said now it's here it's well worth the effort and I'm sure the others will be lovely too

They're Here!

Well a couple more: one of the parcels from Glasgow, with the Epi and the Bass seems to have gone astray! However some questions answered and plenty of good/bad news. First the Kramer, It is the Assault 220 and the "darkburst", (though Kramer call it redburst flame top), does look very nice. On the down side, and none of this was mentioned in the description, is a LOT of problems! The back cover plate and the 3¼" jack socket are missing; this means that the wires to the socket have been cut and there is some BIG question marks as to whether the electrics still work? The top grommets on the bridge end string holes are gone and this has meant on the high E the string has cut into the top a bit, fairly small but it does show that the grommets will need to be replaced before I try to restring it. There is a moderate chip out ot the back of the headstock, (probably nothing I can do about this). Finally there are some large white emulsion paint splatters and runs on the back, (and one on the side); I can probably get most of the paint off with careful scraping but I doubt I would be able to get it back fully. Now the Hagstrom is the D2F Special but the tailpiece with the Tremar Vibrato is long gone. It's removal though has left a couple of small screw holes in the top from where it was attached and there is a VERY large hole by the Tune O'Matic saddle that may or may not be a result of it's going, (it it a very large hole however it got there, and something will have to be done about it). In suspecting the tailpiece had gone. I have managed to get a replacement "standard" Hagstrom tailpiece with the crest and everything, but no vibrato, (and I say standard but it was for a left handed Hagstrom so the angle is the wrong way. I don't think this will make it any harder to fit though and will hopefully add a little quirkiness to the overall look). It's also missing one of the string cradles for the Tune O'Matic saddle. this doesn't look like it would be hard to fit but it may be hard to find one?

All in all far more project work than I was looking for (but hopefully all doable and I will be happy with them once they are done) and I hope the other Guitars turn up tomorrow They're Here!

And the tailpiece for the Hagstrom too. (Can't see fitting this will be a problem so just the missing cradle and the hole) So that's everything, the Legacy Bass is missing one string so I will have to get a set of Bass strings and a couple of sets of Guitar strings, but apart from that its pretty perfect. Tuning the strings that are there up it has a good loud acoustic tone, everything seems to work, (though I haven't tested the electrics), and there is no issues with the finish. The case is very good too, very large and with two case keys should I ever need to lock anything up in it The Epiphone is lovely too, no issues and not a mark on it, so now I have the hollow body I wanted. Is that it for Guitars at Ukulele Corner now? Well there is still the pawn shop tele, maybe an explorer and an electric vee... I've always said I wanted and Ovation Breadwinner / Deacon and of course a proper Gibson and proper electric Fender, (and plenty of other expensive makes too) Maybe a Baritone? Certainly an Octave And a Banjitar (the list goes on...)