JHS Falcon FG100R

My redburst Falcon

x Top x Back x Under .


Tuned g~C~E~A

JHS Falcon FG100R

I invited this as part of a job lot along with a pre civil war Spanish made Ukulele. What it is, is a JHS Falcon redburst dreadnought Acoustic Guitar that appears to be in need of a good clean. The Falcon is very much a student model of guitar from JHS and even with the nice redburst finish, (if it is nice under all of the dirt?) it wouldn't usually be something that I would invite. I wanted the Ukulele though, and if it is any good I can always sell it on(???) and if its not very good I can always strip it for spares.

It's here now and I have removed the strings and cleaned it up. It does look a lot better clean, certainly a useable Guitar for someone. I will put some new strings on, take some nice photos of it and consider its future.