Dae won Rally Blizzard II electric Guitar

My Armoured Rally

x Side x Back X


Tuned g~C~E~A

Rally Blizzard II

I saw the Rally Hurricane IIAR with its distinctive body shape and the aluminium full body scratch plate and I was very taken; it's not like anything else I've seen Guitar wise. Now I know Rally Banjos are good but I'd never really looked at their Guitars; apart from anything else do you really get Rally Guitars in the UK? I'd never seen one before either so I knew that I would be unlikely to see one again, and that with the buy it now or best offer pricing it wouldn't be long before someone else saw it and bought it. As there was a "Best Offer" option I thought it was at least worth a cheeky bid. My first 2 offers were rejected but the seller then countered with a price that was slightly lower than what I was going to go to next, and a bit cheaper than the full asking price (which to be honest still wasn't excessive), so I thought I had better "buy it now" at this price.

It's here now and it is certainly very distinctive, (and very heavy). However it doesn't stand up very well and you have to be careful of the sharp corners of the metal when you play it. But these faults aside it works perfectly on all of the electrics, I think is a looker with the aluminium and the 12th fret marker, and I'm very happy it's come to Ukulele Corner inc. the Pony Guitar Sanctuary