Gibson Epiphone WildKat Royale with bigsby at Ukulele Corner

My Royal WildKat

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Tuned E~A~D~G~B~E


Epiphone WildKat Royale

Bumbling around eBay, (as I do), and not finding any good newly listed Ukuleles I ran a search on WildKats, as it is one of my favorite Guitars and I have always said I will get one one day. The search turned up a few that were "collection only" and nowhere near Ukulele Corner; plus a lovely Royale that was "buy it now or make an offer" and the seller was willing to post. It was also very near the end of the buy it now listing and clearly up to this point, had not had a lot of interest shown in it, so I thought I'd put in a very low offer, (what did I say a couple of posts ago about steering clear of buy it nows?!). My first offer was automatically rejected so I thought "what the heck" and put in a second offer, a few quid more. This time it didn't get rejected out of hand, but I was still quite a bit lower than the asking price. When I logging in the next day to see the status of my offer, I found it had been accepted!

It's here now and it arrived in a spectacular guitar shaped cardboard box, (which I have kept), but it's not a 3 year olds Christmas, the contents were even more spectacular. The WildKat looks like new, brilliant white with shiny gold metalwork and some fancy gold sparkle binding; and it plays and sounds great too. Not sure about the whammy bar, I love the look of a Bigsby but I don't really know how to use it to enhance the playing? Whenever I use it I just sound even more crap! Still practice makes...
A racket?!

But it is very gorgeous and most welcome at Ukulele Corner incorporating The Pony Guitar Sanctuary