My Bronzed Supro

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Tuned E~A~D~G~B~E

Original 1966 Supro

(reissue) Supro Jamesport 2010BZ

There was a reasonably large, (35+ guitars and some other chordophones), instruments auction, as the bulk of lots were Pianos but there was quite a few other instruments as well, some of which looked new, I suspected that it was a Piano shop that had closed down for some reason and was selling off it's stock. While I had no interest in the Pianos, I did like the look of a number of the other instruments, some of which I put in a cheeky bid and some of which I just marked to watch as see. The very first Guitar I liked the look of was a reissue bronzed Supro Jamesport, and this came just after the Pianos. Now the auction did start with a minimum opening bid, (so I couldn't be that cheeky), and on this Supro I wasn't going to go much higher than the opening bid. When it came up no one bid against me so I won it at a reasonable price.  Now it's here and I can properly examine it, I would say the Supro is brand new! It certainly looks it, there is not a mark on it, the strings are new and it came in its original box, (which is also in pristine condition). It's a little heavier that I thought but I do like the colour and the pickup cover; it's all very retro and well as being very new.