My Bronzed Supro

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Tuned E~A~D~G~B~E

Original 1965 Blue Supro

(reissue) Supro Jamesport 2010BZ

There was a reasonably large, (35+ guitars and some other chordophones), instruments auction, as the bulk of lots were Pianos but there was quite a few other instruments as well, some of which looked new, I suspected that it was a Piano shop that had closed down for some reason and was selling off it's stock. While I had no interest in the Pianos, I did like the look of a number of the other instruments, some of which I put in a cheeky bid and some of which I just marked to watch as see. The very first Guitar I liked the look of was a reissue bronzed Supro Jamesport, and this came just after the Pianos. Now the auction did start with a minimum opening bid, (so I couldn't be that cheeky), and on this Supro I wasn't going to go much higher than the opening bid. When it came up no one bid against me so I won it at a reasonable price. as this was the first of the guitars and I had won it, so was already looking at shipping, I tried quite hard on the subsequent lot's knowing that more lots lowered the shipping cost per unit, however unlike the first there was a lot more interest on them that on my Supro and they were all going through at more than I was willing to pay. This included a Gibson SG that I had put the initial bid in but had been overbid already but, and this is where the "carried away" comes in, when the live bidding started, after it sat for a bit with no further bids, I decided to put one more bid in before it sold. The next increment was much higher than I really wanted, but I never go the chance to put a smaller bid in. I'm not sure if this was a blessing or not? While I had bid a bit more than I had intended, the big next step over my bid seemed daunting enough to put everyone else off; so I invited a 2005 "Classic" Gibson SG, (that's an SG with P90 pickups rather than the normal humbuckers). Finally after the Guitars there was a couple of new Ukuleles as lots to sell. I had looked at them in the catalogue prior to the auction and didn't especially need any of them But I carried on watching just to see how they went. As it happened they didn't go very well, but the first 2 were already represented at Ukulele Corner so I didn't bid. Next up was one that I didn't have an example of, a Soprano Freshman model FU1S. Whilst this was never one of my "must have" Ukuleles, they had a good reputation and were not cheap to buy new, so when bidding opened at less that 20% of the retail price and no one else was bidding I decided to have a go; after all I was already getting 2 guitars shipped. Still no one else bid so I got it for the maiden bid price, and even with the shipping costs this still looks to be a serious bargain. They're Here!! And I would say the Supro is brand new! It certainly looks it, there is not a mark on it, the strings are new and it came in its original box, (which is also in pristine condition) It's a little heavier that I thought but I do like the colour and the pickup cover, it's all very retro and well as being very new. The Freshman looks quite new as well and is certainly at least as good a quality Ukulele than I had been led to believe. it has a solid top, all of the binding is spot on, no blemishes or extraneous glue that I can see, and it has a good and loud tone. the only things that let it down as the nut and saddle look like cheap plastic, and that the g string goes out of tune much faster and further than the rest. I have looked at the tuner but I can't see anything amiss? Finally the Gibson, it's a kosher as a foreskin on the floor. I checked the serial number and it came back with the right model number and that it was made in July 2005. OK so this one is not new and there is a bit of buckle rash on the back, but it does look like it has been cared for and all of the hardware, including the electrics work perfectly.