Shine si30 Telecaster sunburst guitar at Ukulele Corner

My Shine "Tele"

Shine Korea vintage sunburst Tele at Ukulele Corner
Sunburst standard Telecaster Guitar copy at Ukulele Corner
Shine Korean Telecaster Guitar copy at Ukulele Corner
Tuned E~A~D~G~B~E

blond fender telecaster guitar

My Brothers Fender

Shine SI-30

This was in an auction in the place where I was born and is the kind of pawn shop Telecaster copy I wanted, (as I don't have a Guitar one, unlike my brother who has a proper Fender Blond '75), from a maker called Shine. I ended up a bid or so over what was originally my maximum but the auction software seemed to be going slow to register my bids, but when it did register no one else bid more. Now despite having been around the World 3 times Ukulele Island is only 20 minutes from where I was born so I will pop over and collect them, (I bid on line because I was busy on the day of the auction)

Now it's here I thought I could find out if it was made in Korea or China, (The reviews of the brand all agree that the older Korean made ones are much better than the current Chinese made ones), but beyond the headstock logo there is nothing anywhere so I don't know? It's a little bit dirty and there are a couple of very small chips on the back but beyond that its in pretty perfect condition and it's tricky to say how old it is. However I have seen the newest ones have different more Klukson like tuners and some have Shine on the neck plate so I think mine is not that new, also in the latest ranges I could find there wasn't a sunburst, but I did see an identical one second hand in Ireland, (and the web page was more than 5 years old), that gave the model number SI 30. Also it seems pretty good to me so with all the evidence pointing to it being more than 5 years old, I shall, unless I see anything new to suggest otherwise, assume it is one of the good Korean ones