1990s thumbs up Lindert Conductor semi-acoustic guitar at Ukulele Corner

My Thumbs Up Lindert

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Tuned g~C~E~A


Lindert Conductor

This came courtesy of a "timed" auction, (similar format to eBay but run by an auction house - I think it would have got a lot more interest if it had been on eBay), that, apart from me got very little interest; only one other person bid, (and they only bid once), so what I got to invite was a 1990's, US made, Lindert Conductor electric Guitar with the, (patented), thumbs up headstock.

Lindert is a very different and fairly rare series that I am told are quite good, (the later Korean ones less so?) I will find out as I have paid the price and invited it to Ukulele Corner.

Now it's here and the it is excellent, (if a little heavy), and certainly lives up to the reputation. It is without doubt, one of the, if not the best Guitar I own, all of the electrics work and it all feels like quality. It's definitely worthy of a big thumbs up.