Italia Torino semi hollow Korean at Ukulele Corner

My Film Star Torino

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Italia Torino

This started life as a prop in a film and is undoubtedly the best thing on show there. (The film in question is Jurassic Predator and is undoubtedly as good as it sounds, with a 3½ out of 10 over 150+ reviews)

But what it really is, is a 2017 Italia Torino semi-hollow Guitar. Part of a range that Italia have discontinued for 2018 but that is not to take anything away from it or its quality. I have always admired the retro look of Italia Guitars and have heard that they are very good quality and well worth what they go for new. The Torino is one of their most conventional looking designs and whilst I was more enamoured with some of the more eccentric offerings, this is still a lovely semi and at the price it came to Ukulele Corner for, Especially after being assured that apart from being taken out of the box to be mimed with on the film, it was new. I don't think the film career will ever add any value to it, but it makes for a different story and the guitar itself looks very very nice and will be a welcome addition to the Pony Guitar Sanctuary at Ukulele Corner.

It' has arrived now, (not in the back of a Limo unless my car is a Limo?!) and oh boy is it a good looking film star Guitar or what? Gorgeous gloss black with a tortoise shell effect pickguard, with not a mark on either. Its quite heavy (big center block) but its also quite large of body and it really is quality too. It lives up to everything I had heard about Italia And plugged up it really lives up to it's reputation too and makes the looong drive to collect it worthwhile too, (plus I got to go to Lickey End!)