Ibanez GRG 7221 7 string Guitar

My 7 string

white solid electric Ibanez 7 string guitar at Ukulele Corner
Japan Ibanez seven string guitar at Ukulele Corner
Hoshino Ibanez 7 string guitar at Ukulele Corner
It has steel strings and is tuned B~E~A~D~G~b~e



Ibanez GRG-7221

That's right this Guitar has an odd number of strings; figuratively and literally, it's a 7 string Guitar! To be precise,an Ibanez GRG-7221 in a limited edition white finish.

Now it's here I can see it's very clean with no big scratches or anything, the electrics all work properly and it does have a very wide but nicely radiused slim profile neck to accommodate the extra low B string, (It could also, and this must mean my guitar playing is improving, do with some new strings).
I have put on a set of new strings, plus an extra fat one for the low B, but I'm not quite sure what to do with the extra string? I guess do with it what you do on the high B string which is fine on say a G chord as you do nothing on the high B but it seems quite a bit trickier on a D or an A and I'm not sure is even possible with an F? Well I can hunt down some 7 string chord diagrams, I can work on my scales and lead breaks...
And I can pose like I'm Stevie Vai