Westfield GoldTop e4000 at Ukulele Corner

My Gold Top Les...

Westfield Gold Top xl10 at Ukulele Corner
Bass Side
Westfield Gold Top e4500 at Ukulele Corner
Westfield Gold Top e4000 at Ukulele Corner
Treble Side
Tuned E~A~D~G~B~e


The Real Deal
from 1957

Westfield E4000 Gold Top

I got this at an auction and I must confess when I first bid on it I was misremembering Matsumoto's Westone house brandname. Oh well so its a Chinese copy not a Japanese one, and probably 20 years newer but the Les Paul Goldtop Custom has always been my favorite Les Paul and as you can see if you compare it to the picture of the '57 Gibson it's a good copy, and I had realised my mistake before I invited it; Plus it was in a lot with a Yamaha practice amp, a Gator hard case and some leads. 

The Gold Top package has arrived. The amp has a nice clean tone but is a bit smaller than I was expecting, (still bigger than the Honey Tone and runs off the mains though). The Gator case is OK but is a bit less padded than I was expecting and has a dent where the lower bout of the Guitar sits. There is the best lead I have ever seen too, with Fender branding all over it and there is an amp footswitch lead that doesn't fit the Yamaha amp??

And there is the Guitar; its very gold, and heavy enough that it feels like gold too! It feels and sound like its good quality and this is everything I wanted from a Gold Top that doesn't say Gibson.