Wstfield Gold Top xl10 at Ukulele Corner

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GIBSON LES PAUL GOLDTOP 1969 with 1959 neck

The Real Deal
from 1969 with a '59 neck

Tuned g~C~E~A

Westfield XL10

This came to me from a proper auction and is a Westone XL10 Gold Top in a good flight case and with a 10 watt Yamaha practice combo.
It was one of those auction that have a bit of an online auction feel as you can put in pre-bids un until the physical auction, and it will tell you if you are currently winning. Now first thing in the morning I received a message that I was now not the highest bidder along with a reminder that today was the day of the physical auction so I logged in to see what the top bid was now and if it was still worth inviting? I saw that I had only been overbid by one increment, but I was already pretty close to my max price so I thought I'll go one more and if I wasn't top I would leave it at that. I went one more and it did put me on top, but I then noticed there were 10 other people watching and the price still wasn't really that high when you added the case and the amp in, so I thought with that much interest I will be outbid once the auction starts and the only other lot I had any interest in was an old Tenor Banjo that I had put a tenner on and so far no one else had bid, (but if it stayed that the only bid was a tenner I wouldn't be surprised if the auctioneer withdrew the lot and I wasn't that interested that I would go any higher). Given this set of circumstances I decided to not watch the auction so I wasn't tempted to go over my limit. I checked after the auction though, just in case no one else did bid on the Banjo and the auctioneer was willing to sell it for a tenner. What I found though was others were interested and the Banjo sold for quite a bit more than a tenner, however even with all of the apparent interest no one else had bid on the Guitar so my invitation was accepted! the problem now is getting it, the auction house is a good 3 hour plus drive away and I have no prices for shipping! In hindsight with the usual sort of shipping quote I had probably bid too much; especially since I wasn't that fussed about the amp, and in investigating further I had found that this wasn't a Matsumoku Guitar. It was from a period between 2010 and 2012 where a German distributor had started using the name again on some Chinese made Guitars. The reviews generally say they are not bad but its far less valuable and collectable than a 1970's Japanese made one). On the plus side though, and the reason for the original invite is that it is a Gold Top and the Gold Top Standard is my favorite Les Paul. the question now is, (apart from how much to ship and do I have to go and get it?), do I still want to keep the Encore? and if I do get rid of it do I want to get rid of a couple of the pawn shop strats too?

The Gold Top package has arrived. The amp has a nice clean tone but is a bit smaller than I was expecting, (still bigger than the Honey Tone and runs off the mains though). The Gator case is OK but is a bit less padded than I was expecting and has a dent where the lower bout of the Guitar sits. There is the best jack lead I have ever seen too, with Fender branding all over it and there is an amp foot switch lead that doesn't fit the Yamaha amp??

And there is the Guitar; its very gold, and heavy enough that it feels like gold too! It feels and sound like its good quality and this is everything I wanted from a Gold Top that doesn't say Gibson.