Dean electric acoustic VCO_NT flying v shaped vee Guitar

My Dean "Vee"
now a discontinued model

Armadillo enterprises luna electro-acoustic VCO NT flying v shaped vee Guitar
Bass Side
not gibson dean VCO_NT flying vee Guitar at Ukulele Corner
chinese electric acoustic VCO_NT flying v shaped vee Guitar
Treble Side
It has steel guitar strings on and is tuned E~A~D~G~B~E




Its one of those things that I have always planned to do - go to a real auction - and I almost did it. It was a entertainment speciality auction and it wasn't that far away. There were some interesting lots, (and a whole raft of old tat, used concert tickets, old flyers that sort of thing), including a white label Kamaka a 50th anniversary Telecaster and a couple of Les Pauls. I couldn't go because I had a dentist appointment, one I had been waiting for for 6 months, to have a couple of teeth pulled, but I could watch online, (after I had parted with my ivory), and I could put in some pre-bids just in case...
So I went through the catalogue and put some pre bids on the Les Pauls and the Tele; way less than they were worth but if no one else was watching or attending and they went for a "bargin" price? I also put a pre-bid on the Kamaka, in case I didn't get the online thing to work, and a couple of other interesting Guitars; again just in case they went for what I thought would be cheap.
I did get the online thing to work though; and I was back from the dentist in plenty of time for the lots that I was interested in so all good, (apart from the pain and swollen mouth). The Kamaka and the big name Guitars didn't go for a bargain price though, (not so good), however some of the others did, including the "other" that I was most interested in which was this acoustic electric Dean Vee! I still can't play the guitar but this does look like something I can pose with big time and like some of my Ukuleles, this does look a lot of fun.

Its here now and in perfect condition which is a good thing as the actual model is now out of production. It came with an official Dean padded soft case and a good Guitar strap, both of which I can find a use for too, especially since being an odd shape it doesn't sit nicely for playing on your lap; it does sit nicely for posing though and that is what I was going to do with it most. I might try and resurrect my Guitar playing career too, after all having invited more Guitars to Ukulele Corner I should try and pay them occasionally.