Danelectro 63 Dano (TG63)

My Aqua 63 Dano

Danelectro reissue (TG63)
Bass side
Aqua 63 Dano (TG63)
Danelectro double cutaway offset Guitar at Ukulele corner
Treble side
Tuned E~A~D~G~B~E

silvertone 1457 danelectro

The Original
Well actually a Silvertone 1457, basically the same model but produced for Sears

Danelectro DG63

Well I've always liked the look of some of the Danelectro Guitars. Some of them look very different from all the Fenders and Gibsons, in a good way and they do have a place in the rock and roll guitar hall of fame. I have always been a little mistrustful of the originals though, I know they were a fairly cheap brand when the first came out, (and I know they are most definitely not now), and they don't have the greatest reputation for reliability. I do have a friend who is quite possibly one of the worlds biggest fans of the original Danelectros though and has unpteen of the actual 60's models. He had them all out the other day for cleaning; which was a most impressive site and got my collecting juices flowing. So juices flowing I had a look on line to see what was about and worth inviting to Ukulele Corner incorporating the Pony Guitar Sanctuary. I saw a few Danelectro reissues on eBay being auctioned and still at a fairly bargain price with not long left. Now I know that all the bidding happens in the last few seconds and by the end of the flurry they won't go at such a bargain price but I would still have a punt for the fun of it, and there is always a vague chance... So a punt on a 59, (one of my favorite designs), that was still less than half the price of a new one, and then I saw exactly what I needed to invite; a 63 with a Baritone Guitar neck! Now as well as wanting a Dano I was also looking to invite a Baritone Guitar so inviting this would kill 2 birds (metaphorically - the neck is long but not so long that I would be interfering with aerial manoeuvres), so all set with my own snipe and BAM!
I come up short by a couple of quid and come second; again!
However in losing, eBay suggests to me another 63, with a standard neck but in a nicer colour, 4 hours left on the auction, no bids, same price as I'd just come second with, and collection only, (hence the no bids), but it was just up the road from me. So no problem to collect and with no postage, actually cheaper than the Baritone. So a quick bid and 4 hours later a 2008 aqua 63 is coming to the Pony Guitar Sanctuary

But what about the 59 I'd had a punt on?

it's here now and looks almost new though I was told it's a 2008 model. I'm loving the almost matt, kind of plastic, (without being cheap), finish on them along with the gunmetal anti chrome metalwork. It does look distinctive and unlike any other Guitar. It feels like quality to play too, very solid but very light definitely more robust than the originals. The electrics are also reliable with no hums or crackles just a great sound (well as good a sound as my talent allows). I am very impressed with the re-issue Danos and with their distinctive styling I can easily see how one can end up with a collection of them. I would have no trouble inviting another one, especially if it was a Baritone; or the 6 / 12 double neck, and on the quality of these I wouldn't say no to a Bass either, (though I still think I wouldn't get an original without having a good go on it first).