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B.C.Rich NJ series Flying V JR-V

What I have invited this time is an NJ Series B.C.Rich JR-V There was an auction that included a lot of Guitars, Banjos and Mandolins, (but no Ukes), and there were quite a few that I would have liked to invite. One of the first up was the black B.C.Rich Vee. Now I kind of wanted a solid body Vee, ideally a Gibson but that was never going to happen so I was willing to look at direct copies, like the Epiphone and "in the style of" copies like the Jackson or as in this case the B.C.Rich (I know I already have a number of B.C.Riches and I don't have a Jackson but I do prefer the symmetrical look rather than the offset look of a Jackson). I was not willing to send a big invite to a Vee though but I was up for a small punt, especially with this one as it was a bit of an oddity, (aren't all B.C.Riches a bit of an oddity?) This one is technically headless; except it still has a headstock?? Now most of B.C.Riches Vees have a normal headstock at the end of the neck with machine heads on and sometimes locking nuts, but for a short while, for some reason they put out some Vees featuring a bridge with tuners on and a standard sort of headless nut? However they left the headstock on, but its not doing anything, apart from being a billboard for the logo. Maybe there was a shortage of ordinary bridges? Maybe they had a load of headless guitar hardware sitting about and they wanted to use it up? Whatever the reason it added to my interest as I wanted to try out the headless guitar hardware as well as wanting a Vee, so I put out the invitation.

The BC Rich is even more perplexing in reality. With all of the headless tuning paraphernalia, leaving that big ol' headstock looks even more incongruous. I know that most of these Vee's have a normal set of tuners on the headstock, so I can understand production wise, but I don't think all empty as it is, it looks that good and am tempted to remove it, (not sure about the truss rod though??) Looks aside it is a good quality bit of kit, the whammy bar works perfectly, even if it doesn't have the grandeur of a Bigsby. The tuners all work, if a little fiddly and it certainly has a certain venom about it.