Electric Guitars

These are the semi-hollow and solid body 6(+) Course Guitars that live in the Pony Guitar Sanctuary at Ukulele Corner

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Rossli flying v guitar beartone
Rossli Flying V

USA Lindert Conductor thumbs up guitar
Lindert Conductor

Gretsch Electromatic Junior Jet
Gretsch Electromatic

BC Rich Mockingbird evil edge
B.C. Rich Mockingbird

StarCaster by Fender

kay univox matsumoto effector guitar
Univox Effector

Gibson SG
2005 SG Classic

Danelectro U2 reissue guitar
Danelectro U2

chinese wesley plastic acrylic Guitar at Ukulele Corner
Wesley Acrylic LP
Epiphone WildKat Royale
Epiphone WildKat Royale
Anniversary Rickenbacker Hollow Body Guitar
Anniversary 300 Series
Hohner Arbor
Hohner Arbor Series
60s Solid single pickup Kawai Teisco
Kawai Teisco
Cort CL200 Guitar at Ukulele Corner
Cort CL200
Italia Torino semi hollow Korean at Ukulele Corner
Italia Torino
Harley Benton R-45 8BK Progressive 8 string Fan Fret Guitar
HB R-458 Fanfret

Aria pro ii magna na-30r superstrat
Aria Pro II NA-30R

The Cheapest knock off Strat in the world
PowerPlay KSP300

Westfield Gold Top
Westfield Gold Top XL10

ESP Ltd Viper-10
ESP Ltd Viper-50

Kasuga semi acoustic Guitar
Kasuga 1070 Barney Kessel

BC Rich Warbeast
B.C. Rich Warbeast

Kramer Sun Burst electric Guitar
Kramer Assault 220

Kinda Coronardo
Kinda Coronado

olp ernie ball benji madden mm4 guitar
Danelectro Dano 59 shorthorn
Danelectro '59
Revelation RTJ-60B Baritone Guitar
Revelation RTJ-60B
Shine Tele
Shine SI-30
Hagstrom D2F silver sparkle Guitar
Hagstrom D2F Special
Encore E99 electric Guitar
Encore E99
Cruiser by crafter rv800 flying vee at Ukulele Corner
Cruiser RV800
Parker Fly Dias 1994
Dias Fly

Supro 2010BZ
Supro Jamesport

Tanglewood Tomkat Semi-Hollow Guitar
Tanglewood TomKat

Ibanez GRG 7221 7 string Guitar
Ibanez GRG-7221

Danelectro 63 Dano (TG63)
Danelectro DG63

Woody thinline Strat
Thinline Woody Strat

Rally ev series Blizzard 2
Rally Blizzard II

Huchins Huchina offset Surf Guitar
Hutchins Eliminator

B C Rich V
B.C. Rich NJ JR-V

USM Jay Turser JT-Hawk 12 string guitar
JT-Hawk 12
Italia rimini pearloid semi hollow
Italia Rimini
Epiphone Dot 335 semi-hollow Guitar
Epiphone Dot
Fernandes Nomad standard travel guitar with amp built it
Fernandes Nomad
tribute g and l asat special tele
G&L ASAT Special
kays MiJ semi-acoustic Guitar
60's Italian
BC Rich Celtic Virgo
B.C. Rich Celtic Virgo