Traben Array Ltd.4 Bass with the big bridge at Ukulele Corner

My Heavy Metal Array
with the BIG bridge

x Top x Back x Under
Tuned E~A~D~G


Traben Array Limited 4

I was on ebay and saw the Traben Array 4 bass for what I thought was a bit of a bargain price with just over an hour left. Now I like the Traben BIG Bridges (its suppose to be one of their selling points and increase tone and sustain; but this is a bit moot according to reviews?), especially the Array with its big shiny, flamelike bridge, (you know me, I like anything shiny especially if its big and shiny) so I bid the next increment expecting to be automatically outbid; I wasn't! Still all the bidding happens in the last minute, it will go up to a more sensible price and I'll be outbid then; I wasn't!!

A little odd on it getting here though, I'm guessing the seller must be desperate for the cash because he said he would deliver it to me and he wanted me to pay in cash? I agreed because there is enough of an electronic trail if it is hooky, plus I can take his number plate for double insurance; and with no case it will be a lot safer

Now its here I can see the Traben is definitely quality. It has great active electrics and a lovely spalt maple veneer, but it is a big bass with a great BIG shiny bridge. Good job I have that Bass combo at the moment though, because this can seriously rumble!