Revelation RTJ-60B bass vi jazzmaster Baritone Guitar

My BIIIG Guitar

x Top x Back x Under
Tuned E~A~D~G~B~E
but an octave lower than a normal guitar


Revelation RTJ-60B Baritone

I started out trying to invite a Fernandes Baritone Guitar with a 27" scale, (because I was keen to get a Baritone Guitar). Unfortunately, despite having been winning for five days I was outbid at the death, but in telling me I had lost it also suggested a couple of other Guitars I might be interested in one of which was a Revelation Baritone Guitar that is kind of a cross between a Jazzmaster and a Bass VI and it was a 30" scale rather than a 27" (and the bigger the better as far as I was concerned!) This one only had 3 hours left on the auction and up to that point no one had bid. As I was still stinging with the loss of the Fernandes, and as the pickups and the tuners had been upgraded, (and the scratchplate had been painted white - though I'm not sure that was an improvement?) I said yes to the opening asking price, (after all its not much of a problem to strip the white paint off the scratchplate if it does look bad) and it stayed there until it accepted the invitation to Ukulele Corner incorporating the Pony Guitar Sanctuary