Basses (a.k.a. Bass Guitars)

These are the Bass Guitars that live at Ukulele Corner

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Jim Reed MM5 Bass at Ukulele Corner
Jim Reed MM5

Peavey zephyr c4 thru neck Bass Guitar
Peavey Zephyr

Vester Stage Series Bass
Vester Stage Series

Aniversary rickenbacker 4001 4003 Bass guitar
Anniversary 4000 series

S.X. sb301 Bass colection
S.X. SB301

Wesley 5 string Bass Guitar at Ukulele Corner
Wesley 5 string

classic cantabile acoustic bass at Ukulele Corner
Classic Cantabile

Yamaha RBX200 fluorescent fretless Bass at Ukulele Corner
Yamaha RBX200

Starforce 7005 fretless Bass
StarForce 7005
1983 Aria Pro II ZZB Deluxe
Aria ZZB
AXL Tiger pro 6 string bass
AXL Tiger
Hoshino Jet King Bass
Ibanez Jet King
Traben Array Ltd.4 Bass Guitar
Traben Array Ltd.4
Legacy B60 acoustic Bass Guitar
Legacy B60
KTone 5 string hollowbody Bass Guitar
KTone 5208
Flying Wedge
Flying Wedge