Ashbury Spruce Top Acoustic Tenor Guitar

My Spruce Top Ashbury

Gremlin Ashbury indonesian T14 4 string Tenor Guitar
Bass side
4 string guitar ashbory
Gremlin Ashbury T14 Tenor Guitar
Treble side
It has Fender Nylon strings, (because of my soft fingers) and tuned D~G~B~E, (Chicago Tuning).



Ashbury AT-14 Tenor Guitar

Before I got this I was under the impression that the Tenor Guitar body size was somewhere between a Baritone Ukulele and a full size Guitar. Some can be, but this one is pretty much full size Guitar sized and much bigger than I expected. This does give it quite an odd look as the neck is much thinner that a full size guitar and a bit shorter too - plus this seems to have a very big headstock for the neck adding to the overall oddness.

I got it as an ebay win as I was interested in the Tenor Guitar as the kind of next size up to a Baritone Ukulele, (I know it isn't supposed to be, but that's how I thought of it), but now I have it I know that my view was very wrong and whilst its a nice instrument, well made with pretty wood, I think had I seen it properly first I probably wouldn't have brought it. It's a bit too close in size to a normal guitar.

It came Chicago tuned so I didn't have to mess about with the strings, (but I did because it came with steel ones and I swapped them with nylon for my soft nylon fingers. Its quieter now but there is less of the string noise you can get with steel strung acoustics sometimes, and I prefer that), and is quite nice to play lead on, (if only I could play lead) but the Guitar like closeness of the strings gives me issues when playing chords.