All types of Banjo

Here are the Banjos and Banjo related Hybrids that live at Ukulele Corner that aren't Ukulele Banjos or Banjoleles.

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My 5(+) String Banjos

JAM USM Washburn B9 5 string resonator Banjo
Washburn B9 Banjo

Barnes and Mullins 5 string banjo
B&M open-back Banjo



My Tenor, Plectrum and Hybrid Tenor Banjos

Musima Tenor Banjo
Musima Tenor Banjo
Tanglewood Tenor Banjo
Tanglewood TB-30/4
Ashbury Spruce Top Acoustic Tenor Guitar
Ashbury Tenor Guitar

My Banjolims and Banjo Cavaquinhos

Lamire Bandolim
Lamiré Bandolim

My Banjolins and Banjo Mandolins

Old (1950's) GH&S "Melody-Uke" Resonator Banjolele Acoustic Soprano
GH&S "Melody Uke" Banjolin

Original Weltton Ukulele Banjo Mandolin
Original Weltton Banjolin

Windsor model 2 Pyxe
Windsor 2 Pyxe

bracketless zither Banjo Mandolin
Banjo Mandolin