Kasuga made in Japan mij Hollow body Guitar

My Cowboy Kasuga

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Tuned g~C~E~A


Kasuga 1070 "Barney Kessel" Hollow Body

This is not a "Lawsuit Guitar" but it is Japanese, it is from that period and while not exactly slavish it is a kind of copy of a Gibson "Barney Kessel", but Kasuga Gakki, the firm that made it, had their own factory where they made all of the Guitars that bear their name, and whilst they did do some OEM for Tokai, they never had any run-ins with Gibson, Fender or Martin. They did have a reputation for making good quality chordophones though, and quality is always welcome and Ukulele Corner featuring the Pony Guitar Sanctuary

I got this, and it is branded Kasuga, at an auction along the coast that was being broadcast live on the Internet from the pictures of it, it looked quite nice so I put in a suggestion of an "invitation" which was accepted so I had to drive across to collect it, (there was another auction going on at the time with an "Iceman" in it, but that didn't accept my "invitation")
When I finally collected it and had a proper look, it has the most propeller neck I think I have ever seen on any chordophone! It, (from a distance), does look nice though it's only other cosmetic issue is the bridge pickup has lost all of its chrome colouring. Not really a problem and I could probably get another cover, or even some metallic model paint and repaint it. as for the neck, I have had the guitar doctors at BMM have a look at it and the verdict is not a lot can be economically done. They could steam heat it and possibly twist it back, but then they would have to re-fret it and possible have to redo the fret marker plates. It would be cheaper to get a new neck for it though, (but then it would not be as original). the did have a go at the twist with the truss rod and set the guitar up as much as possible so now it is possible to play cowboy chords on it. But I can only play cowboy chords so that will probably be alright.