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JHS Vintage AMG3 Tricone Resonator

There was a big instruments auction, and though I didn't get everything I wanted, (probably for the best), I did manage to invite a nice looking JHS Vintage Tricone Resonator, (I know I have a JHS Vintage Single Cone Resonator, but I have always wanted to get a Tricone to hear the difference in sound)

It's here now and it would have been very nice if the auction house hadn't badly damaged the neck!
They told me this after I had driven halfway across the country and collected it, (the shipping company gave me a ridiculous quote to ship it; and I thought I was a good customer of theirs). The auction company admitted it was their fault and that it happened post sale but they wouldn't offer any compensation for their clumsiness, just the offer of not buying it at all, which was not a lot of good after I had already paid for it and driven for 3½ hours to collect it, collected it and then driven home!! Well I know one auction house, (TW Gaze of Diss), that I will never use again. I hope the damage is repairable?

Well the good doctors at BMM have fixed the neck as best they can, alas it's not invisible, you can see where the crack was, but with re lacquering and the like you cant really feel it. Now I just have to restring it, carefully, but before that I will have to take the top off and see what it rattling inside and if something else was damaged too? (the rattling didn't start until I took the old strings off so I'm hoping its just something that is supposed to be loose when there is no tension on the biscuit?

No, one of the support struts had come completely away and was rattling around in there with a lot of other crap and the odd lost plectrum. So I've reattached the strut cleaned out all of the crap, added the plectrum to the collection of plectrums I don't use, put it all back together, re-strung it and its finally good to go.