JHS Vintage AMG1 single cone Resonator Guitar at Ukulele corner

My Steel Bodied Resonator

axl recording king single cone resonator guitar at Ukulele Corner
Bass side
john hornby vintage steel body guitar
axl dobro single cone resonator guitar at Ukulele Corner
Treble side
It's tuned E~A~D~G~B~E with big heavy resonator Guitar strings.

I'm not very happy with the photos, maybe I'll do them again when I have some idea how to minimise the reflection and how to clean it with less streaking



JHS Vintage AMG1

I've been to the "real" Auctions again, another one with a lot of Guitars, but this time I stayed away from the pawn shop "Strat" copies, (though I did bid on a couple of actual Fender Stratocasters; but they ended too expensive for me). What I did bid on - and won - was an ESP SG copy and a JHS Vintage AMG1 steel bodied single cone resonator Guitar. The ESP comes with a Peavey gigbag and the Vintage with a hard case but I haven't seen these so I don't know what they are like. Truth to tell I haven't seen the Guitars either, apart from in photos, the auction was a long way away so I attended on line (bit of a buggeration this as the video feed was a couple of minutes, or about one lot behind where the auction actually was. This meant that for some time while watching the lots I was looking at had already sold before I saw them and I would have missed them if I'd wanted them. Once I realised this I switched the video feed off and just looked at the text bidding which was properly in sync so I was in time for the ESP, and two lots after that was the JHS Vintage. As a fully steel bodied resonator it looked very nice and shiny, (I have said lots of times I like Resonators). I had pre-bid but a couple of other people outbid that and as I still thought it was a good price for what it was I bid again; now its on the way to Ukulele Corner, I just have to drive up and collect it.

After a looooong drive and having to dodge the tanks, the shiny Vintage is very shiny and the unseen case is a very good (and big- but it needs to be), hard case too. There was a surcharge for bidding on line so I could have saved a bit of money if I had attended the auction in person, (but then I could easily have ended up buying too much!?) Alternatively it would have cost a bit in petrol if I went and then didn't buy anything, (and this was one of the reasons I didn't go at the time, so really I shouldn't be complaining now.) Anyway the Guitar is in good condition and still, I think, worth a lot more than I paid including the surcharge and the petrol. Now I really must improve my Guitar playing