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Framus Texan (06100)

This is a 1960's/early 70's (I'll know more once it gets here and I can read the inner label), 12 string Framus Texan ,(the model number changed in the middle of production so the earlier ones are 5/296 and the later ones are 06100), in a natural finish; and from the look of the photos, original strings (apart from the ones that are missing - clearly they need replacing once it gets here), Looking at the Framus museum website I can see that in 1973 the rrp for this for 265DM which equates to around £500 in 2015, nevertheless I think I have probably paid too much for it by the time auction fees and shipping or me going on a 2 hour+ (each way!) drive to collect it. Especially since, although my Guitar playing has improved since buying all of these "pony" Guitars at auction, it's a 12 string and so harder to play (and then I have to pay extra for some new strings). Still I am a big fan of the look of the old Framus chordophones, (apart, sadly from the Ukuleles), and I LOVE that bridge; (that's why I bid in the first place). I thought I had been outbid in the online pre-bidding so I didn't watch the actual auction. Clearly the person who outbid me withdrew before the auction and no one bid on it live, so it will be welcome at Ukulele Corner once it gets here.

Now it's here, and it is without doubt the dirtiest Guitar I have invited!! I have spent most of the afternoon cleaning it, ok it's a big guitar but having to use four of my special wood cleaning cloths, (usually I can do 2 guitars with one cloth), and domestic cleaner; and furniture polish! I could probably still do more by properly polishing the metal bits and oiling the tuner gears before I restring and photograph it, and then see if my new found skill on the guitar transfers to the twelve string. Underneath all of the grime its in "seriously experienced" condition. There is a bit of fret; and fretboard wear, one of the tuners is bent, there is some wear on the soundboard; and possibly a crack along the center join though it still feels fairly solid, and the varnish on the back of the neck has gone funny(?) It is also missing some of the tuner ferrules and some of the small screws that hold the tuner plates on, but they shouldn't be too hard to replace. All in all if I had looked at it before buying it i wouldn't have bid as much as I did.. Or maybe I would because it's a monster and I love that bridge!
Oh and though the inner label has faded quite badly I can make out its a 06100 so a 70's Guitar.