Fender DG10 12 string dreadnought acoustic Guitar at Ukulele Corner

My BIIIG Fender 12 string

Fender acoustic 12 string guitar
Bass side
korean Fender spruce and mahogany laminate 12 string guitar
twelve string folk acoustic guitar from Fender
Treble side
It has Fender steel strings on and is tuned Ee~Aa~Dd~Gg~BB~ee



Fender DG10 12 string Guitar

This was an invitation from a real auction with a real auctioneer; granted I only logged in online for bidding but I had been to the dentist and had three teeth out earlier in the day! I was keen to attend the auction as one of the lots was a "white label" Kamaka and there were some other nice electric Guitars like a couple of Les Pauls and a 50th Anniversary Telecaster too. There were also some interesting less famous Guitars that I might be tempted to bid on too if any of them stayed at a bargain price...
Well the Kamaka and the big name Guitars didn't stay at a bargain price so I lucked out with them but a couple of the interesting Guitars did get invited and I say all of the "Big Name" Guitars didn't go for a bargain price but that's not strictly true. All of the big name electric Guitars weren't bargains but there was this one and it's certainly big, it's a 12 string dreadnought; and it's a Fender too. It may not be the best of the Fender acoustic range but it's above a Squire and I have been wanting a 12 string recently; I don't know why? Possibly the big crowded headstock, that always appeals and with all these Guitars it will certainly look like I can play the Guitar.

I may not have attended the auction in person but I did have to go up to the auction house the next day and pick it up; and it's very BIG!!! (and it's very dirty too). The trip up to collect it wasn't bad and the place was a veritable "aladdin's cave" with the place in full swing for a photographic equipment auction there were lots of interesting things so I didn't hang around otherwise I may have ended up spending more money. It's in slightly worse condition that I was expecting too, they said there was a couple of small holes near the neck and these were what I expected; a couple of not very successful attempts to put a button on for a Guitar strap. These are very elegantly done but they are not so bad as to be a problem, and there is a couple of attempts on the neck heel as well that they didn't mention, along with one of the tuner buttons missing. None of it is a problem, it just makes the Guitar slightly less of a bargain that I thought it was and these along with some "buckle rash" make the Guitar look very experienced. What I do need to do now is clean it, fit a new tuner button, possibly re string it and practice with the 6 string Guitars until I get a bit better because playing a steel strung 12 string is hard on my soft fingers but it does sound good when I strum it.