E-Ros eko 606 Dakota at Ukulele Corner

My 606 Dakota

eros alabama 606 dreadnought guitar
Bass side
eko dakota 606 italian 1960s jumbo guitar
e-ros 1960's Nevada 606 dreadnought guitar
Treble side
It has Da-Da strings, a replacement tuner and is tuned E~A~D~G~B~E



E-Ros 606 Dakota

Now this is what you call a "Dreadnought". It's big, very BIG, big body wide neck and big boomy sound!

I got this on a whim in an auction I attended. I found it tucked away under a table in the middle of the auction and what initially drew me to it was the case it was in, (what is it about me and cases?) It was a very good looking acoustic hard case, and whilst it didn't look new it did look like it was well looked after and in good condition, with no stickers or anything on it. I could see there was a Guitar in it but as it was the middle of the auction and close to the auctioneers lectern I couldn't really get it out and have a good look but I though "with a case that nice the Guitar inside must be fairly good", so I waited and when it came up I put the second bid in on it. No one came back so I won it at a very reasonable price, more than I would pay for just a case, but not a lot more.