Acoustic Guitars

These are the acoustic, acoustic electric, resonator and hollow-body 6(+) Course Guitars that live in the Pony Guitar Sanctuary at Ukulele Corner

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Framus 5 54 Riviera Archtop Guitar
Framus Riviera

Ovation 1612
Ovation 1612

JHS Vintage AMG3

50s Hofner archtop guitar
Hofner 465 E1

Dean electric acoustic VCO_NT vee Guitar
Dean VCO-NT Vee

Martin Smith Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Martin Smith W401E

Fender telecaster acoustic telecoustic guitar ukulele corner
Fender Telecoustic

tanglewood orleans archtop guitar
Tanglewood Orleans

Suzuki mij archtop guitar
Suzuki NOP-15
Richwood artist series rm-70-nt petit bouche manouche
Richwood RM70
Fender Stratacoustic acoustic electric strat guitar china
Fender Stratacoustic
Kasuga semi acoustic Guitar
Kasuga 1070
boosey and hawkes lafleur varsity archtop guitar
LaFleur Varsity
Framus 5/265 6100 Texan
Framus Texan
Martin Smith Resonator Acoustic Guitar
Martin Smith EA3
isana archtop guitar

Eikosha Artisan Archtop Jazz Guitar at Ukulele Corner
Eikosha Artisan

Yamaha AEX500 FM electric acoustic guitar
Yamaha AEX500

Fender DG10 12 string folk Guitar at Ukulele Corner
Fender DG10

Peavey Rockingham hollowbody Guitar
Peavey Rockingham

gibson epiphone dobro deluxe inverted cone resonator guitar spider bridge
Dobro Hound Dog Deluxe

60s Archtop Guitar
Egmond made Antoria

Sigma (for Martin) & Co. 000 Guitar
Sigma 000M-18

Kinda Coronardo
Kinda Coronado

stentor ozark 3515 single cone biscuit bridge resonator guitar at ukulele corner
Ozark 3515N
Boosey & Hawkes Burt Weedon Zero one Guitar
Boosey & Hawkes
Ibanez Talman
Ibanez Talman TCM50
c F Martin backpacker travel guitar
Martin Backpacker
kiso Fukushima archtop guitar
Kiso Guitars
Ninham grande bouche manouche guitar
Ninham Gipsy Jazz
Kremona Solo
kays MiJ semi-acoustic Guitar
Tama 480