Soprano (a.k.a. Standard)

The most common size with a scale length of between 32 and 36cm (12 - 14 inches) Usually set at 35cm (13½ inches). This is the original Ukulele size and pretty much everyone has a Soprano in their range, so there are lots of varieties out there. Some say that only Sopranos can officially be called Ukuleles and that the other sizes should go under different names (Like the Mandolin or Violin families of instruments - this view has never really caught on though)
There is a sub set of Soprano ukuleles with a longer neck than the standard ones called Long Neck or sometimes Supersopranos. These have the same size of body as a normal Soprano but whereas a normal Soprano has a neck than meets the body at the 12th fret and usually not more than 14 usable frets The Long Necks extend this to up to 20 usable frets and their scale is as long as a Concert or even a Tenor. They are not very common and only a few manufacturers make them.

Here are some Soprano Ukuleles I would like to have at Ukulele Corner
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Ron L Saul Soprano Ukulele
Craftsman Made
like this Ron L Saul

Mituba Zephyr Japanese Soprano Ukulele
Mass Market
like this Zephyr

Samuel F Chang Soprano Ukulele
20th Century
like this Sam Chang

Antonio Vieira Pineapple Soprano Ukulele Cavaquinho
Pineapple or other shape
like this Antonio Vieira

Regal Cheerleader Soprano Ukulele
Stencil & Decal
like this Cheerleader
Masami Endo Songbird 1994 Electric Soprano Ukulele

like this Songbird
Jere Canote Small Wonder Soprano Banjo Ukulele Banjolele
like this Small Wonder
Ohana Delta Resonator Cones Soprano Ukulele
like this DRC retrofit