Cumbus Ukulele (From Turkey)

Cümbüş Ukulele

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wokalele cumbus banjo ukulele banjolele

I have seen it describes as, but don't like the name, "Wokalele"
 cumbus oud
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the Original Cümbüş Oud
with an Oud Plectrum

I would like one and it would be nice, and probably cost a lot less for the Ukulele, if I went to Istanbul and got one direct from the Cümbüş shop

Cümbüş Ukulele

Though it look's like some kind of Resonator Banjolele it's technically not. Cümbüş (pronounced joomboosh and it means merriment) is a Turkish, Family owned, manufacturer with a shop in Istanbul. The Instrument was developed in the early 20th century by Zeynelabidin Abidin as an Oud with a banjo type body to make it louder. Having come up with the instrument, Abidin, (who also changed the family name to Cümbüş after being rewarded for its invention by the Turkish Government), realised that he could change it's nature significantly by fitting the same Banjo type body with different necks and tailpieces, thus developing a whole range of Eastern and Western Instruments.

One of the necks they make for the body is a Concert length 4 string Ukulele neck which make the instrument a Cümbüş Ukulele. With this configuration is is given a G~C~E~A Ukulele tuning (you would need to change the G string for Re entrant tuning) but unlike a traditional Ukulele/Banjolele the Cümbüş has steel strings (Gauge 0.035 0.022 0.012 0.010 in).