Not Everything's a Ukulele

Musical Instruments I might get that are not Ukuleles
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Close Relatives of the Ukulele

Mainly from the Iberian Peninsula

Braguinha Cavaquinho mad in Maderia
and Braguinha

Antonio Faria Vieria electric cavaquinho Cavaco
Electric Cavaquinho
and Cavaco

Marques Banjo Cavaquinho
Banjo Cavaquinho
Banjolim and Cavaco

Marques small scale Brazilian Cavaquinho
Brazil, Cape Verde

Antonio Carvalho model 551 Acoustic Rajäo
and Timple

Veillette Merlin Guitarlele Ukulele
like this Viellette

More Distant Relatives of the Ukulele

Mainly from South America
Cumbus Ukulele (From Turkey)
Cümbüş Ukulele
Tahitian Ukulele aka Tahitian Banjo
Tahitian Ukulele
(aka Tahitian Banjo)
Cuban Cuatro
4 course Cuatro
and Tiple
Taylor Orozco Acoustic Charango
Taylor Oronco Charango
Indonisian Cak and cuk (aka Krongcong Ukulele)
Kroncong Ukulele
(aka Cak and Cuk )

Electric and Acoustic Mandolins

I can feel a mandolin collection coming on - these are the different styles of Mandolin

1966 Fender "Mandocaster" Electric Mandolin
Solid Electric
Fender Mandocaster

Lyon and Healy 1912 Mandolinetto
This ones a Lyon&Healy

Breedlove F Style ƒƒ Kentucky Acoustic Mandolin
"F" Style
This ones a Breedlove

Framus A style Electro-Acoustic Mandolin
"A" Style
This ones a Framus

Traditional (bowl back)

Recording King (AXL) Resonator Mandolin
This is a Wailing

gh&s Ivory QueenBanjo mandolin
Banjo Mandolin
This is a GH&S Ivory Queen

Other Sizes of the Mandolin Family

They come in similar body shapes but often have different tunings 
Webber Gallatin Acoustic Mandola
This is a Webber Gallatin
Aisling Acoustic Octave Mandolin
Octave Mandolin
This is an Aisling
Eastman Acoustic  Mandocello
This is an Eastman
modern Mandobass
Mike Black Acoustic Piccolo Mandolin
Piccolo Mandolin
This ones a Mike Black
Regal Octaphone (8 strings and 8 insruments in one) circa 1925
Regal Octophone

Electric and Acoustic Guitars

1972 Ovation Breadwinner Electric Guitar
Solid Body Electric
Like this Ovation

1983 Takamine "Flying A" Electro- Acoustic Guitar
Flat top Acoustic
like this Takamine

Washburn HB32 Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Lake this Washburn

ALD Alonso Le Dosseur Electroswing Archtop Jazz Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Electric Archtop
like this ALD

Framus 1965 Archtop Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Archtop
like this Framus

Selmer Modele Jazz acoustic Guitar
Selmer/Maccaferri style
like this Selmer

Amistar brass body Resonator Guitar dobro
like this Amistar

Electric and Acoustic Bass's

Mark Fletcher butser mountain music Double Bass
Double Bass
This ones a BMM
Italia Maranello Z Electric Bass
This ones an Itallia
Takamine Fretless Electro-Acoustic Bass
This ones a Takamine
Skylark Stick Bass
This ones a Skylark
Banjo Bass
Banjo Bass
This ones a Gold Tone
Barnes&Mullins Wimborne Acoustic Mandoguitar
Soprano or Octave Guitar
like this B&M Wimborne

Electric and Acoustic Banjos

Clifford Essex the Gambler 5 string Banjo
5 String Banjo
like this Clifford Essex

Wooden Banjo
Wooden Banjo

Rayco 5 string Resonator Banjo
Resonator Banjo

Deering Goodtime Open Backed Tenor Banjo
Tenor Banjo
This one's a Deering

Tenor Guitar
This one's a Gibson

Gold Tone Electric Banjitar
This ones a Gold Tone

Other Folk Instruments

Acousticmelo Fado Guitar
this is a Fado Guitar
East European
this is a Prim
Ruan (Moon Lute or Moon Guitar)
this is a Ruan
Cigar Box Tenor Ukulele
Like this Cigar Box

Other Instruments

Mesh Head Electric Drum Kit
Mesh Head Electronic Drum Kit