Concert (a.k.a. Alto)

The Concert has a scale length of between 36 and 41 cm (14-16 inches) it is usually about 38cm (15 in). It came about in the early 1920's because Martin found that it's Taropatch was disliked because of the difficulty in keeping 8 strings in tune, but liked because its larger size gave it more acoustic volume, so they started to sell the 4 stringed version. They called it Concert, (rather than Alto), as a marketing ploy to suggest it was a more professional, better quality model designed for performance, rather than it was just a bit bigger. The originals still had the 12 frets to the body but these days they often have a longer fret board, meeting the body at the 14th fret and going further down the body than the Soprano
Like the Soprano there is a sub set which have a Concert size body but a neck lengthened to Tenor scale to accommodate more frets, (at least 15 to the body), called Long Neck or Superconcerts, sometimes even Mini Tenors.

Here are some Concert Ukuleles I would like to have at Ukulele Corner
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Hiroshi Matsumoto Tomutedesu Concert Ukulele
Craftsman Made
like this Hiroshi Matsumoto

Ovation Applause Concert Ukulele
Mass Market
like this Ovation

Aladar de Vékey type 2 Concert Ukulele
20th century
like this de Vékey

Takahiro Shimojima Saiunkoubou Pineapple Concert Ukulele
like this Saiunkoubou

YongChun Lute Concert electric Ukulele
like this Yong Chun
Deering goodtime blond Concert Banjolele Banjo Ukulele
like this Deering Goodtime
Fine Resophonic Dobro Resonator Concert Ukulele
like this Fine Resophonic