aquila 23 inc short bass 1 at Ukulele corner

My (not so) ShortBass

the strings are the special Aquila Reds that this was made to showcase and it's tuned E~A~D~G



Aquila ShortBass One

It's actually not that short for a Uke Bass.

Marketed by Aquila in Italy, though actually made in China, this has a scale length of 23 inches, (585mm). longer than the Kala UBass, (20½ inches 520mm), but still in the Baritone Ukulele type of range and much shorter than even a short scale Bass (32 inches 800mm+). The purpose for Aquila commissioning this was for putting on some new, (at the time) "red" series strings, and the extra length is suppose to make it's acoustic performance better, (I shall see when it gets here).

It's here now, and it really does deliver!
It is much louder acoustically; and much more defined than my Ortega Lizard. the Aquila Reds are very nice too. Much as I luuve the soft fat rubberiness of the normal E string, it is a bit of a bugger to put on. It also doesn't have the greatest intonation, largely due to the fatness. The reds trick of changing density rather than thickness, halves the string thickness and improves the intonation (it's not quite as kinky though). It also comes with a very nice, (but not kinky, unless you are even weirder than me), red padded gig bag; and you need this because its too long for any ukulele cases and too small for any acoustic guitar cases.