Ortega Lizard series Uke Bass

My Ortega Lizard Bass
Love the red Strings

German Ortega Lizard U-Bass
ortega pocket bass dao back
Ortega lizard baritone ukulele scale Bass
The strings are sooooo rubbery...
And soft and bouncy I just love them...
And that low E... ooh feel the bass vibrations,
Oh yes, tuned E~D~G~B
(Still can't play the Bass though)


Ortega Lizard Bass

It might not sound it but Ortega is actually a German company. They make Guitars and some ranges of Ukulele. Their best is Lizard range of Ukuleles, with the solid dao bodys, shadow electronics and laser etched lizards. This range includes a Bass Ukulele and I said to myself "if I get a fat redundancy cheque I will buy myself a Lizard Bass..." And here it is just in time for my Birthday. All I need now is to learn how to play it; like the guitar I've been failing miserably to play the Bass for the last 30 years

The strings are lovely and rubbery (and red.... and fat!) and the low is very very low, (the Champ is not a happy amp). It has a built in tuner but the low E is even too much for that, you have to tune it on the octave. Acoustically it is quite quiet especially the low notes but the Ukulele itself is very well made and oozes quality out of every satin pour.

It comes with a nice faux Crocodile Hard case that usually retails for more than I have payed for quite a few of my other Ukuleles, so its not that expensive honest?