Ukulele Bass (a.k.a. UBass or U-Bass)

It was noticed that the scale length of an Ashbory Bass was about the same as a Baritone Ukulele and the people at Road Toad then set about building a Baritone that would use the big Polyurethane strings. They went on to develop solid body Bass Ukuleles and smaller ones using Tenor and even Concert size bodies, (though they all have a wider neck than the ordinary Ukuleles of the same size), and increasingly more manufacturers are introducing Ukulele Basses into their range. All of these Ukuleles use the same EADG tuning as a normal Bass Guitar, and are played like a Bass rather than a Ukulele - so are they really Ukuleles? Add to this others have come to the conclusion that a longer, up to 66cm (26in; but still smaller than a guitar scale never mind a Bass) Scale gives better intonation and acoustic volume though they like to work with the Ukulele heritage of the instrument here by calling this Long Scale Ukulele Basses
Here are all my Bass Ukuleles
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Ortega Lizard Electro-Acoustic Bass
Ortega Lizard

aquila 23 inch ShortBass One
ShortBass One

Tanglewood elfin mini bass uke at Ukulele Corner
Tanglewood Elfin

Tanglewood elfin mini bass uke at Ukulele Corner
Aiersi BU22p