Unklele Thinkline LP Electro-Acoustic Tenor ukulele

My Unkulele Les Paul

unklele les paul shaped tenor Ukulele
artisan thinline electric acoustic les paul ukulele back
homemade les paul shaped tenor Ukulele
It has Aquila Strings on with a wound low G string so is tuned G~C~E~A



Unkulele Thinline LP

A Handmade Import from the USA!

I've looked at Unkulele a couple of times over the years, I've always thought they looked interesting and fun if not spectacularly beautiful, and I was interested to see how well the electrics work as they are a special inductance pickup not the standard type? Then he started putting this Tenor up on ebay at a fairly reduced starting price, and since no one else bid I won. Now it lives at Ukulele Corner

The electrics work very well, they do give a very good rendering of how the Ukulele sounds acoustically. And surprisingly this Ukulele works very well acoustically, it has much more volume than I was expecting and a good clear tone, (though not a lot of bass). The build quality is a bit "artisan" but I was expecting that its how they all look on the website, (and it say they are too!), but it all looks well put together and robust. I don't think I will have any delicate flower type issues; though it smells of varnish not any fragrant wood. The only build issues I can see are the action is a bit high, (but I can fix that though it does have an interesting bridge and saddle arrangement), and the fret spacing is a bit uneven right at the top end by the body, (but I never play up there so this probably won't matter?)

What this is, is a very distinctive beater Ukulele that I could take to any gig, no matter how rough , it will perform beautifully through an amp, it won't fall apart on me and its not the end of the world if I do have to use it to defend myself, (and I've done plenty of gigs I needed all of that).