Risa Tenor electric Bean ukulele lipstick pickups

My Sunburst Tenor

Risa single coil pickup electric Ukulele
Risa lipstick bean electric tenor ukulele
Risa single coil pickup electric Ukulele
Tuned g~C~E~A with Risa Steel Strings

Risa soprano mandolin 8 string Bean at Lardys Ukulele Database

the 8 string Soprano

Risa Electric Bean

This is, to my mind the most iconic solid body, steel strung Ukulele and Risa is the manufacturer that specialises in electric Ukuleles.

Risa make two sizes the double pickup Tenor like mine and a single pickup Soprano. They also come in three finishes Red, Black and Sunburst.

They can be tuned as a Mandolin if you want and there is an 8 string Soprano version specifically for this

The Ukulele is excellent. There is a zero fret and an independently settable bridge so the intonation is spot on everything else is spot on too, if you want a steel strung electric Ukulele look no further, (unless you want humbucker pickups - then they do a Les Paul like one). The small sound hole at the top is purely cosmetic though, (well it reduces body weight I suppose), and to be honest the pickup selector switch can get in the way when you are strumming