RCI Madrone Travel Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

My Madrone Acoustic

shapleywood travel tenor ukulele
Richard Cross melted tenor thinbody Ukulele
Richard Cross Shapelywood tenor at Lardy's Ukulele Database

The Standard Saeple With Pickup

It has Aquila Strings and is tuned g~C~E~A

RCI Madrone

Richard Cross is a British Manufacturer (Luthier) who make a distinctive set of Travel Tenors (Travel meaning they have very thin bodies) He calls his business Richard Cross Instruments (RCI) or Shapelywood, (but I think that's only his Guitars?) Anyway I had a go on the standard one they have on sale in SUS and it was very very nice (and I was tempted). I have since found his website and there was a one off Madrone (that's a kind of wood) Acoustic...

... Which now resides in Ukulele Corner

The wood reminds me of old school desks from my youth, (perhaps a bit nicer), but it has a good tone, mellower than Spruce, a lightness and strength that really works for a travel Guitar and whatever the neck wood is, that is a beautiful looking piece of wood. As I have said the tone is quite mellow but little quiet, as can be the case with thin bodied Travel Ukuleles

I did try it with Martin Strings but they didn't work well - they made the Ukulele even quieter - so I went back to Aquilas