RCI Madrone Travel Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

My Skinny Madrone

shapleywood travel tenor ukulele
Richard Cross melted tenor thinbody Ukulele
It has Aquila Strings and is tuned g~C~E~A



RCI Madrone

Richard Cross is a British Manufacturer, (Luthier), who make a distinctive set of "Travel" Tenors, (Travel meaning in this case, they have very thin bodies). He calls his business Richard Cross Instruments (RCI) or Shapelywood, (but I think that's only his Guitars?) Anyway I had a go on the standard one they have on sale in SUS and it was very very nice, (and I was tempted). I have since found his website and there was a one off Madrone (that's a kind of wood) Acoustic...

... Which now resides in Ukulele Corner

The wood reminds me of old school desks from my youth, (perhaps a bit nicer), but it has a good tone, mellower than Spruce, a lightness and strength that really works for a travel Guitar and whatever the neck wood is, that is a beautiful looking piece of wood. As I have said the tone is quite mellow but little quiet, as can be the case with thin bodied Travel Ukuleles

I did try it with Martin Strings but they didn't work well - they made the Ukulele even quieter - so I went back to Aquilas