My Restored Polk-a-lay-lee

Petersen Wander-a lay-ley
Petersen polkalaylee
restored peterson polk-a-lay-lee
As I'm worried about the string tension I have only given it an E tuning

(One day I should try it higher)

UnRestored Petersen Polkalele at Lardy's Ukulele Database

Before Restoration
not looking so well

Petersen Polk-a-lay-lee

All my the old habits are all back - Its an import! - its a clunker with noticeable damage! - its probably overpriced! - I still have no job so shouldn't be buying Ukuleles!...
But its a Classic, It's got all of the original plastic bits, the damage is only superficial, (hopefully! You never know what is hidden buying online), and its a breath of swinging sixties surfing sunshine even if it was made a long way from the beach - Its the the Petersen Polk-a-lay-lee!

The damage is listed as a largish chuck of the top layer of ply off from the back, hopefully no more and hopefully with its 4 foot plus length it can get to Ukulele corner without getting any more (going to be fun to pack!) Once it is here I will be able to strum away and dream of the beach

When it did get here I found it had been snapped in two in transit, right where the tuners are. It's also in a lot worse condition that described with most of the top layer of laminate peeling away as well as whole chunks of laminate missing from the front and the back! I don't know if this can be brought back from the dead at all!! Anyone need some Polk-a-ley-lee tuners?

Well it has been with the good folks at Butser Mountain music and whilst its still not "Museum Quality", (was it ever), they have performed almost Lazarus like feats of bringing it back to life so its again whole and playable! (well as playable as a Polk-a-lay-lee ever was!!) Thank you for all of the effort and hard work.