Ohana SK-30L soprano Giraffe Tenor

My Ohana Giraffe

ohana long neck tenor soprano at Ukulele Corner
chinese mahogany long neck supertenor soprano ukulele
ohana supertenor giraffe at Ukulele Corner
It has Aquila Nylgut Tenor strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A

ohana supertenor giraffe at Ukulele Corner



Ohana "Giraffe" SK-30L

I like the strangely disproportionate look of a giraffe Supersoprano and this Ohana is now the most widely available model, (since Kala discontinued theirs). It's not spectacularly appointed though, just workmanlike with a solid mahogany body, no binding or other decorations and a bone nut and saddle. So nice but not rare and not as far as I know about to be discontinued or anything, so although I wanted one because I like that "disproportionate look", there were lots of other models I wanted just as much. Of course there are always "bargins" and I have tried a couple of times recently to get one at a good price through "Buy It Now or Best Offer" (but my best offer wasn't good enough). This time though one came up as a straight auction, (ok there was a reserve but it wasn't a very high reserve), and I won; and at a better price than my previous best offers! So welcome to Ukulele Corner when I shall enjoy the quality of the build, the freedom of the extended neck and the hope that one day I will have the talent to take advantage of it.

It's here now and it arrived just as I was going out of the door for a long weekend; literally! As I opened the door to step out there was the postman co-incidentally just raising his hand to knock. Anyway I took delivery when back inside and unwrapped it; and its lovely. I just had to knock out a couple of tunes before I left to catch the train and they were good tunes. I didn't have a great opportunity to look it over before I left but I'm certainly now looking forward to getting back to Ukulele Corner to play with it

Now I'm back at Ukulele Corner and appreciating it even more it really is a nice, understated but quality Ukulele that is a joy to play