lanikai 8 string tenor taropatch LU2 8 at Ukulele Corner

My Lanikai Taropatch

hohner taropatch ukulele tenor
hohner 8 string ukulele tenor
hohner lanikai taropatch ukulele tenor
Tuning is fun for a Taropatch the E and the A are doubled on the same pitch with the G and C doubled an octave apart so gG~cC~EE~AA and it has Aquila Supernylgut string on



Lanikai LU2-8 Taropatch

When I brought the Kala Taropatch this was the model that I actually set out to buy but it was out of stock at the time so I ended up with the Kala as a substitute. Last year when I sold the old Ukulele Corner I was going to buy one of these to celebrate, (getting a fat wedge of cash), at a shop in Brighton; but I couldn't find the shop when I was in Brighton. Well this time one came up on eBay with a 1€ starting price, along with some other Lanikai Ukuleles, including; and going through first, another Taropatch but from a higher spec range, (thus weeding out at least one competitor:- I did bid on that one too but I bid more on this because this was the one I really wanted), And though it was more than 1€ at the end of the auction it was still a good price, better than if I had brought it either of the other times. This one is new too, but I have seen Lanikai calling the LU range the "Legacy" range now so I don't know if that means it has been discontinued and that was the reason for the block of auctions? Whatever it's on its way to Ukulele Corner now and long overdue.

It's here now and it is every bit as lovely as I had imagined (though well out of tune and I forgot how much "fun" tuning a Taropatch is; especially with new strings that are still stretching so the high G has gone at least a full tone out before you finish tuning the A strings!) I have managed to get in in tune for a bit though and got one and a half songs out of it before it was so badly out I had to start again; and it sounded great too. A little more bass perhaps than the Kala Taropatch but I will need to get the string to settle and then have a marathon tuning session to really compare the two.
Enough writing - back to tuning...