Kala Tobacco Sunburst Jazz Electro-Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

My Tobacco Sunburst Jazz

Kala jazz tenor Ukulele
Kala Archtop Ukulele back
Kala Kte2 ukulele side
Kala Sunburst Jazz Electro-Acoustic arch top Tenor at Lardy's Ukulele Database

the new Sunburst Jazz

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12 bar

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House (Fingerpick)

It has Aquila Strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A

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Kill yo Mama

Kala KTE 2TS Jazz

Kala are probably the biggest modern day Ukulele Maker, especially when you include the entry Makala range. They are a U.S. company though all of the Ukuleles are made in China. I have a few Kala's and would consider getting a couple more; they do have a very complete catalogue of sizes ranging from the Sopranino Pocket to the U-Bass Bass Baritone. They also have a number of exotic wood models, specials like the long neck Soprano and less traditional, (though following in the path of the Chicago stencils?) finishes like the Ukedelics. I say consider partly because the alternative offer me greater variety, but also because, despite the reputation, I am a little disappointed with the sound and playability of some of the ones I have, or have tested. They are the easiest to obtain, and usually the cheapest but are always my second choice if there is alternatives.

That said I've got  quite a few Kalas now, especially if you count the Lahaina and the Dolphin,  so I'm not that unhappy with them, and at the time I brought it,  there was no alternative to this Archback, (apart from the other finishes and sadly I think they have been discontinued - though a new set was brought out in 2013). With the perloid bindings, the high gloss finish and the palm tree inlay it is a thing of beauty and when I first started collecting Ukuleles it was the one I saw and thought "I've got to get one of those!"