Kala Spruce Top Long Neck Acoustic Soprano ukulele Tenor Scale

My Long Neck Kala
Spruce Top, Tenor Scale
The "Giraffe"

Kala giraffe supersoprano ukulele
kala ka-sslng super soprano ukulele back
It has GHS strings and is tuned g~C~E~A



Kala Ka-SSLng "Giraffe"

I'd been considering getting a Long Neck Ukulele for some time, They look interesting with the out of proportion shape and though with my talent, I don't need the extra playing area, (the reason for the long neck), I wanted to have a good play on one to see how it felt. The Long Neck Soprano's were cheaper, more common, and in the case of the ones with Tenor neck, offered a more disproportionate view than the Long Neck Concerts. I say "were" here because, though I had seen them in the manufacturer catalogues, the actual models always seemed to be out of stock and this one is one that doesn't even appear in the catalogue. There was only one example in the shop, (and once I'd brought it none). I have seen it elsewhere on the Internet called the "Giraffe" because of the long neck and I think this is a good description.

Mine has, in addition to a Spruce top and a Tenor neck, Mahogany back and sides, and a very nice High Gloss Finish. Although this wood selection has a chapter in Kala's latest catalogue this particular model doesn't feature so I guess it is discontinued?

The Spruce top is solid but I believe the back and sides are laminate and like all Kalas, the build quality is good, (although one of the sealed tuners appears to be leaking some lubricant? Still works smoothly though). The tuners do have quite a high post so you don't get the angle across the nut that you could but I'm sure there is a good reason for this and its not just these were some tuners they had spare to use up? Same for the Kala supplied GHS string, I'm sure there is a good reason for them and its not just because they are cheap?

Sound wise the spruce top gives it plenty of volume even given is small body and high gloss finish The tone is also very good (I haven't changed the strings because I don't think Aquilas would make it sound any better) in the "toppy" Spruce way.

Playing wise, though I can't make use of all the extra frets, it does feel good to play; very roomy with the Tenor scale fret distances and the extra distance to the start of the body. It is oddly balanced though and so feels different when you hold and play it, (not bad or uncomfortable, just different).

If I lost it would I get another one? Probably, it's not so good that I would have to have another one but I would want a long long neck like this in the corner and this is a nice one.