Keith Urban Tenor

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Tuned g~C~E~A

Keith Urban

Keith Urban a New Zealand / Australian / American country singer apparently is a big fan of the Ukulele and like Bryan May has launched his own Ukulele brand. I managed to invite one to Ukulele Corner, not because I'm a Keith Urban fan or anything like that but because it looks significantly different to its contemporary Chinese Tenors, (and it is Chinese made) and because it was a "Bargin".

Now it's here my first impressions are, the Keith Urban Tenor is big! That is it has a bigger body than most Tenor and thankfully came with it's own gig bag, because it's to big for a standard one. Strangely for the size of body, the tone is a little lacking in bass, but apart from that it quite nice for a laminate. speaking of laminate, the ash top is quite pretty and the overall build is very nice, I just wish it had a better name.